I offer a 15% discount on all services for newly adopted pets from any shelter for the first 6 months. Proof of adoption required. Also, seniors 65+ receive 10% discount. Prices are for a 7 mile radius of Lyons, Illinois. After that there will be a .50 cent per mile fuel surcharge for the additional miles. ex. 10 miles would be an add 1.50 for the extra 3 miles.

Nature Calls/Boredom Buster Break

Could be a fast paced walk, a scent seeking adventure, a leisurely stroll, or play time in your yard. Whatever your pet enjoys doing most. Or we can mix it up and let them enjoy something different every day. 25 minutes of undivided attention for your four legged family member. And of course, checking and filling water/food as needed, clean up of any "accidents" that your pet may have had, and a daily progress report via email, text, or a written log, whatever you choose. $15.00 for a 20 minute walk/visit up to 2 dogs. $2.00 extra for each additional dog thereafter. Walks on a holiday day are an additional $5.00 per visit.

Cat Care

They may be independent, but they need attention too! A 25 minute visit includes playtime, chin rubs, love and attention, litter box cleaning, water/food replenishing and a good brushing if desired! They're the boss! whatever they enjoy doing most. $15.00 for a 20 minute visit, up to 3 cats. $2.00 additional each cat thereafter. Holidays are $5.00 additional each visit.

Party/Event Care

Let’s face it, we love em to death, but when company comes over they can forget all the manners they were taught, not to mention they try and seize every opportunity to gobble up every piece of party food within snout reach. With this service, we pick up your dog, bring them to our private "dog park", play, entertain, spoil and exercise them for however long you require. We will return to you one tuckered out and happy dog! A great time had by all! $30.00 for the first two hours, then $15.00 an hour after that. If you drop off and pick up your pet it will be $25.00 for the first 2 hours and $15.00 each additional hour after that. Add $5.00 to base and hourly price for each additional dog.


Pet Supply Run

Down to the bottom of the dog/cat food bag, and don't have the time or desire to run out and get their supplies? I would be happy to pick up whatever supplies from our local Petsmart, Petco and drop them off when I come by for your pets walk/visit. $15.00 plus the cost of supplies paid prior to supply pick up, cash only.


Vacation/Out of town at home care

With this service, your pet stays in the comfort of his or hers own home. I would make a a.m. visit, a later afternoon visit, and a late evening visit. Includes walks, feedings, any medications administered orally, clean up of any accidents your pet may have had, take in mail, turn lights on and off and blinds open and closed, to give the appearance that somebody’s at home, place garbage and recyclables out for collection, and water indoor plants. $15.00 per each 20 minute visit. It is an additional $5.00 per visit for a holiday visit. I recommend 3 visits per day. One early a.m. one afternoon, and one late night. Prices are for up to 2 dogs or 3 cats. $2.00 additional for each pet thereafter. Outdoor plant watering, and poop scooping are also available, the price is determined on the size of job.

No matter what services I provide, or the frequency of them, I promise I will treat your pets, and your home with the utmost love, care and respect that you and your pet deserve. You have my word on it.
Fully insured and ready to love your pet